Dog Pictures


Forgot about posting these! Just a few from the day out, the owner seemed to like them.

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Bridlington 2009


Before everyone shoots off to Bridlington for this years rally I thought I might share a few from Brid  last year.

Full size images and the rest of this gallery  on

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Dog Pictures


Taking a quick break from the scooter pictures to have a crack at pictures of the dog belonging to a friend of mine.

Never took pictures of a dog before but I am happy with the way some of them are turning out.

Will post a few when I am happy with them.

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P2 Overlooking Egglestone Abbey now on line


The latest gallery is now on line (they are big pictures please be patient when loading) here is an example. You can visit the  full gallery directly or visit







Silver Vespa P2.

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P2 Overlooking Eggleston Abbey


Finished a gallery of pictures of the P2 overlooking Eggleston Abbey in County Durham. Caught some just as the sun was going down, didn’t turn out so bad.

Will let you know when I get the gallery finished and uploaded.

To keep you going  A brief history of the Abbey:

“Standing on the borders of Yorkshire and County Durham are several disjointed and ruinous sections of a late 12th century Premonstratensian abbey. In common with many of the early monasteries, the original church at Egglestone Abbey was enlarged, and partly rebuilt, about one hundred years later, and it is this later church that survives today. The most prominent feature of the site is the east end of the church, with its elegant, double-lancet windows, and its curious mullioned east window.

The centre of the church – the crossing – has virtually disappeared, save for one wall of the south transept which dates from c1275 and still retains much of the window tracery and some of the delightful detail of the buttress. From the first church, only the north and west walls of the nave, and the foundations of one wall of the north transept have survived. Despite this central ‘gap’, the remaining walls of the church all stand to a good height and, with some imagination, it is possible to visualise what a magnificent building this must have been.”

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Whitby Rally Pictures Part 2


Part 2 of the Whitby rally pictures. All Lambrettas again, where are all the Vespas!

Full gallery can be seen on





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Whitby Rally Pictures Part 1


Just a few selected pictures from a rally down in Whitby. Majority of Lambrettas in the pictures.

Full gallery on





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PX Still out in the countryside


PX 125This is another picture from the same night, obviously a different location. Not sure if I like it that much but it’s out there now.

Vespa PX 125

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PX in the countryside


Blue PX 125

Not long after the last post I went back up to the same spot with a different scoot and it was a half decent sky, sun just going down, the golden hour as the pros call it.

Here are a couple of the pictures……

More on the facebook page and the full gallery on the website.

Blue PX 125

Vespa PX 125

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P2 in the countryside


Silver PX

I was riding around for ages looking for a green spot to take this picture.

The sky was a little flat and boring so I tried not to get it in the picture, made shooting quite difficult as it is quite a picturesque location.

I will go back again when the English weather throws a better day at us.

Until then this one is the first post on the new blog.

A couple more on the main scooter groove website.

Vespa P2.

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